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We are in the process of refining our company policy as well as the website itself. Initially our policy will largely reflect that of our affiliate OldSoftware.com which policy can be found by clicking here.

SoftwareOldies.com's policy differs from OldSoftware.com's policy in a few important ways. The most notable of them are listed here:

1. SoftwareOldies.com does not offer telephone ordering or customer support other than for return authorizations.

2. Customers are required to adhere to PayPal's policies and user agreement.

3. Shipping costs on SoftwareOldies.com are calculated through PayPal and do not necessarily reflect the shipping rates of OldSoftware.com.

4. SoftwareOldies.com is strictly an internet business and does not have a retail outlet.

5. Shipping options are only available as listed during checkout on PayPal.

6. OldSoftware.com is affiliated with SoftwareOldies.com but is a separate company and is not responsible in any way for tranactions made with SoftwareOldies.com.

7. Returns must be authorized via email prior to being returned and can only be replaced with an identical item unless product is not as represented.

8. SoftwareOldies.com is a newer company with a more modern ordering system than OldSoftware.com, and focuses on some of the more popular items.


As with OldSoftware.com's policy, our prices and availibility may change without notice. We will contact you quickly if any ordered item becomes unavailable at the listed price.

We do not offer telephone ordering or support at this time. To contact us, visit the Contact Us page of our website.

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